Western Securities Co., Ltd., which was founded and approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission in January 2001, is a leading securities institution in northwest China with registered capital of 1.2billion RMB. We have 60 regional branches in Shaanxi, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shandong, Jiangsu, Henan, Hebei, Guangxi, Gansu and Ningxia to service our clients. Business branches and sub-branches in Shanghai working mainly on proprietary trading, client asset management and securities research and development. We offer a combination of securities brokerage, investment banking, asset management, securities research and securities financing and margin services to our clients. In addition, our subsidiary Western Futures Ltd., collaborating with our main business operations, provides independent services in the derivatives area. Our Sino-US joint venture with the Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon), New York Mellon Western Asset Management Co., Ltd., will provide superior public and private fund management services to our clients. In May 2012, Western Securities Co., Ltd. was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Since establishment, Western Securities has built a sound corporate governance structure and has formed a "sharing and supportive, prudent and growth-focused, steady risk control, professional and success committed" corporate culture. Our firm performs under a strict and scientific internal control system and complies with regulations and practices. With our strong and effective values, we have consistently conducted our business in a standardized, risk-management focused and efficiency-oriented style. Even during the bear market in 2001-2005, we realized considerable operating profit in each year and created value beyond the market benchmark for our shareholders and clients through investment business. During this period, our value investing and long-term investment philosophy, that matches the management system, the business method, and operational practices has been proved and our strength as one of the first batch of standardized securities companies and one of the second batch of innovative securities companies has been witnessed. Since 2006, Western Securities expanded the scale of brokerage business, enhanced the management of investment business and intensified investment banking business cultivation. This strategy not only maintained our achievement in business operations, but also started to adapt our business to the high-competition market environment and led our firm on the track to becoming the most profitable and the most value-added securities company.

To meet the international criterion, Western Securities introduced ISO9000 system in 2007 to standardize our operating and management system, and processes in all dimensions and took a firm step to change from business-centered to client-focused. On this basis, our firm will be committed to effectively improve our governance capacity and management and staff quality in order to meet our current and potential clients' needs. We promise to be loyal, to best serve and to grow with our clients.

Company Name Western Securities Co.,Ltd.
Address 16th- 17th Floor, Trust Mansion, 232 Dong Xin Street, Xian, Shaanxi, China
Website http://www.westsecu.com
Registered Capital 1.2billion RMB Postal Code 710004
Establishment Date January 2001 Telephone 029-87406081
Securities Business License No. Z28461000 Business License No. 6100001011168
Business Scope Securities Brokerage;Investment Consultation;Security Trading/Investment Related Financial Advisory;Securities Underwriting and Sponsorship;Proprietary Trading;Asset Management;Distribution of Securities Investment Fund Products;Introducing Broker Services for Futures Companies; Securities Margin Trading.
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